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Our homestucks (the whole group!!!) are at 1:23!

I need to learn how to make gifs of these videos sometime -SC

There’s our Portal 2 costumes at 2:55!

Oh DANG this video is awesomely edited

And Bec Noir’s in there at 2:30 and its almost like a slasher flick haha wow! -SC

Pictures by EleventhPhotograph

Lovely photos from Jae Y. on flickr

I think this is our last photoset until we start posting WIP’s of newer costumes. We even have a few ideas lined up ooohhh. Thanks for all the new follows! -SC


The lovely folks from The Coop Cosplay at AX.

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Superwholock meet up. <3 You guys are great. I’m in there somewhere. o.o Lost between all the other Doctors. <3

There we are off in the far right corner! This meetup was really fun.



GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now that I am recovering from Anime Expo 2012, I can spam away. The people pictured above really made our trip, THE BEST IT COULD BE. I’m using caps people. We had so much fun :3 Thank you again.

That was so great getting to talk with you! Really just wonderful and you guys were both so adorable too c: I cant stop smiling aaaa god AX was really fun and I met such great people!! You definately made the con for me.

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Portal cosplayers at Anime Expo, Day 3 [July 1, 2012] - (tumblr here)

Took these out again this year! Thanks for the photo c:


Holy crap they were all so great 

Hey thanks for the picture! This is great

GLOWY EYES HEY YE EY yeeye yeyye e

Literally the best Dean.



Hey! Here is a nice one of us at the Homestuck meet-up!


Hensocks and Savedchicken as Arizaphale and Crowley! The SuperWhoLock meet up was great. Met so many nice people, including a very cool Sam!Lucifer. Two more days to go!