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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm sorry trouble you but I know you guys have cosplayed together for quite a while and I was just wondering how did it go when you guys had your first coop cosplay? My friend and I have been thinking of a duo cosplay forever but it usually ends with us forgetting about it and doing something on our own.

We are all related but Chicken lives half a day away so it started out as something to look forward to as a time to visit one another.

Cosplay has always been a group thing between us, so we talk to eachother about plans and those plans always involve trying to find 3 characters.

Id say if you want to do duo cosplay then talk about your cos plans and always keep it in mind when finding something you like that there should be a partner to your character! Research cons to go to together, have cosplay work days where you both work together and encourage eachother (on skype if youre not close).  -SC


YEA everyday! Its the only cosplays we brought this year so you’ll definately see us about. 



Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on original cosplay? I want do make a costume but can't find one that I like so I'm thinking of just designing my own thing. Is that a normal thing?

YEs!!! original cosplay is awesome!! You could do a character you already have, or make one up as you go… the sky is the limit! or you could make your costume follow a theme/genre that people can recognize, such as sci-fi, Medieval, western… there needs to be more original cosplays, so get out there and make some!!!

tarteauxfraises asked: I only recently stumbled across your quite frankly FANTASTIC cosplay sets - all I can say is bravo! and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future! I'd also like to ask a question - I noticed you used your Bec Noir and PM wings for Aziraphale and Crowley of Good Omens, and I was just wondering how you reconciled the harnesses with the suits? @u@ Thank you!

Ah well thank you!! Yep we have some big plans for the future so I hope we don’t disspoint! OvO 

Yeah our good omens group was actually very last minute haha! I think the harnesses are hidden by Aziraphales scarf and tucked into Crowleys vest? Yeah they are the same colour as the shirts too so the blend right in! -SC

frogeprincess asked: you are my number one cosplay inspiration! often times i feel discouraged and want to give up on cosplays completely.. but yours always make me smile and believe anything is possible! maybe i'll go work on mine right now. thank you guys for being so amazing!!!

Oh my goodness hdfj wow thank you so much!!!

Really, asks like these are what inspires us to be better. c: You are too sweet -SC

Anonymous asked: what conventions are you going to in 2013??? i've got to see your homestuck cosplay group OH MY GOD YOU DONT EVEN KNOW

All of us are definitely going to AnimeExpo 2013!

And I (savedchicken) am probably going to end up at the Japantownstuck meetup whenever that is.

MAYBE Comic con 2013 if we’re lucky

Other than that we have to look for any cool ones. If anyone knows of cons that are good and near California tell us!!! -SC

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1. Thank you! Jade’s skirt is actually three pieces. The shirt is a regular black long sleeve shirt that hensocks painted and added the sparkles and arm cuffs to. Her skirt is a fancy lace fabric with fluffy mesh fabric underneath (for volume otherwise it would lay flat) and the pleated black second skirt over it.

2. 3. I’m sorry but I don’t think we are very good to talk to about costume wings… honestly it was kind of a surprise they turned out as well as they did haha!

All I can do now is recommend looking on youtube for articulated costume wings and trying from there. Its just too much for us to explain. BUT if we ever make them again we will try to make a tutorial.

Also here is a really wonderful tutorial by sunnybrook1 on their costume wings. While their’s is designed to be on the wearer’s arm ours are very similar.


Anonymous asked: Your cosplays just blew me aw at Anime Expo this year; they were simply amazing! I have two questions both concerning your Bec Noir cosplay, I wanted to know how you got the eyes to light up an the mouth to move since I'm also planning on cosplaying Bec Noir.

Ah thanks! Thats cool you saw us! 

1.The eyes are a string of 8 round car underbody LED lights in white. The extra lights are separated and the three used on the costume are rigged up to a basic switch/button thing so they can maually flash. I don’t recall the brand but they look like this:

2.The jaw works by just fitting tightly around my own chin. It takes a lot of small adjustments but once you can get the jaw to fit it should be able to open with little to no help closing from elastic. Its all from making the base out of plastic mesh and messing with it until it fits. -SC

davesproot-deactivated20140614 asked: Did you know your Bec Noir/Blanche and Jade cosplays were featured in Acksonl's Anime Expo 2012 3-3 video?

aaaa this is great news!! Thanks for letting us know we’ll post it now! c:  -RH

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Anonymous asked: Hate to sound probably really inexperienced here but what material did you use to make p body? it looks like cardboard, but it's like impossible to bend cardboard that much. I really want to make a p body costume, so yeah please tell me what material it is, and how you did it!

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Anonymous asked: where did you get you fur for the bec noir head, it was simply magnificent

Thanks! I actually found that fur in my closet haha but I bought it from Britex fabrics in San Franscisco. Sorry I can’t recall the product name but if you ever find yourself near Britex they are the best fabric store I know of. -SC

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O h my go d wow thank you Spork! That really means a lot!! Hhfgfs really you are a big cosplay idol for us aaaAAa woW. -SC

asatira asked: I really love your Portal 2 costumes, and that was how I came to your account. Your previous answers on the long fall boots have been really informative, but I have a couple questions. First, I was wondering how you created the opening and made it look so clean. Second, what did you use for the bands and how were they attached? Thanks.

Aw, Thanks! I cut the opening slightly smaller than I wanted, folded over the edges and hemmed it. The bands are black elastic (it was 2” wide if I remember correctly) and were sewn on to the shoes! Hope that helps! -HS

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Thank you! c: Your cosplay is amazing oh man…. I saw you at the meetup just wow! I made the Bec Noir wings but I think I might have better WIP pictures so I’ll go ahead and answer. 

If you want to make them move like ours we used an articulated style similar to THIS, but on a base that isn’t connected to the arm. It has a pully in the back that controls it. 

The feathers are foam core so they are much stronger than fun foam, and are connected by nylon string so they collapse when the wing is closed and when it is open the string is pulled taut and the feathers open. 

THIS TUTORIAL is incredibly helpful! 

If you don’t want to make them open (which is a lot of work I should add haha) then I would go for making them out of wire and fun foam.

Sorry this isn’t a full tutorial or anything but I hope it helps! Definately look at those links, they were very helpful for me! -SC

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bene-dicts asked: This has probably been asked and I just didn't see it, but would you mind telling me what you used to make the Bec Noir head? It looks great!

Sure! The base is made from plastic mesh (shows as white in the picture) and zip ties. It helps to make a nice structure that can be added to so its basically a rough shape and the moving jaw mechanism. 

Then I used crafting wire mesh (the silver showing in the picture) to make the face shaped correctly. It’s really easy to bend and i just used a thin wire to connect it to the plastic mesh base. 

Over that I used crayola model magic air drying clay (the black part in the picture) I used too thin of a layer and it cracked so definately use extra for that. 

Then I just put some fur over it and added the eyes and paint.

This is just the way I made mine so I don’t really know if I recommend it…  anyway it works for me. Hope this helped! -SC

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