Anonymous asked: Okay, I usually hate asking people about their costumes because it makes me feel really inexperienced and whatnot but I've really been curious about how you managed to wire P-Body/Atlas's eyes to light up when you press them. It's kind of what I want to do for my Samus Varia suit cosplay. May I humbly inquire as to how you went about doing that? I really appreciate it, thank you so much!

we used a kind of inexpensive mountable camping light. similar to this or this, then covered it with tinted tissue paper to make it glow orange/blue. the light we got came with an on/off button on the front. I hope we could be of any help! -rooster

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oishi79 asked: Holy crap! the stuff you guys do! you... you... cant be mortal! keep it up! :)

aw! thanks so much!

you made p-bod blush!!!


Anonymous asked: hello i love all your cosplays, it looks like you put so much effort into them!! and if you don't mind me asking (i hope this isn't rude) but why is it that two of you are in big suits and one of you is the human?

ey anon! thanks for the love! we always have at least one person NOT in a huge suit to be the spotter for the other two. It’s very important to have a guide when in a large suit, because you might bump into someone or trip over something!  -rooster

the-kat-cave asked: Hello, my friends and I have been huge fans of your p-body cosplay for such a long time and were curious how you crafted something so perfect?


AH thanks so much !!!! im so happy aaaa  \(●´∀`●)/  this may have been already explained in thecoopcosplay’s previously asked questions, but ill explain it again just in case. more below !

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Our Princess Mononoke Group at AX’13

SpiceyCosplay + CoopCosplay

Great job everyone!!! Wow what a fantastic group to be apart of!! 



Hahaha! The last one is the photographer.

Putting on those costumes is quite a show in itself UwU


SR here! Are you guys ready for a photo dump? Our photographer friend Erik got lots of pictures. This one is my favorite.

(via savedchicken)

Were in this!! A couple minutes in it starts to show us getting into those crazy costumes. Took a while but around 5:00 it shows the full deal! UwU

Great video!!! Thank you!


 Our Princess Mononoke group was such an amazing experience! Thank you again to thecoopcoplay ( ) for starting something so crazy and letting us be a part of it! We can’t forget to give a big thank you to my friends for helping us move those cosplays. <3

Ahah incredible!!! Great pictures and thank you all so much for helping us and being such sweet people OUO


The Coop Cosplay + Spicey Cosplay group cosplaying Princess Mononoke at AX13


The Coop CosplaySpicey Cosplay

It was SO HOT and really hard being in those stilts but really worth it. and our whole group looked incredible together!!!!! SpiceyRicey was so sweet everyone was all so great. lov all you guyys

We are doing Masquerade AX14 c:

thank you for an incredible cosplay group!!





progress on the noggin. Peeled off the old head/face and attached it and the horns to a new helmet. Doesnt look like much but when i put on this helmet in normal clothes it touches the ceiling 8))))
gonna be mad tall



AHAHHHH WELL THIS is a much better WIP!!! Ignore my tiny head and look at my awesome LEGS!

for anyone who doesnt know Im going to be the forest spirit from princess mononoke so

I did cool things last night!