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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm sorry trouble you but I know you guys have cosplayed together for quite a while and I was just wondering how did it go when you guys had your first coop cosplay? My friend and I have been thinking of a duo cosplay forever but it usually ends with us forgetting about it and doing something on our own.

We are all related but Chicken lives half a day away so it started out as something to look forward to as a time to visit one another.

Cosplay has always been a group thing between us, so we talk to eachother about plans and those plans always involve trying to find 3 characters.

Id say if you want to do duo cosplay then talk about your cos plans and always keep it in mind when finding something you like that there should be a partner to your character! Research cons to go to together, have cosplay work days where you both work together and encourage eachother (on skype if youre not close).  -SC


One of the highlights of my Sacanime experience! I met the three of them out of cosplay and after telling them how I didn’t get a chance to see their cosplay since I have been behind my table all weekend, they came back later that day to my table in their awesome Eva cosplays!! Thanks you Thecoopcosplay for making my day

Thanks for letting Unit 02 hold your amazing pipe cleaner creation! The detail is incredible in your pieces.
I remember when we stopped by your booth, we all stood around just staring at the berserk Eva and the blaziken- we are floored by your skill!!
Maybe someday we can do an art trade for some awesome pipe cleaner creatures!!

We won an award for Best Intermediate Craftsmanship at sacanime!!!! It was really GREAT and amazing to meet a bunch of other riciculous fans like us! TTHANKS….

if a video shows up of us on stage we’ll be sure to post it!




SacAnime Summer 2014 - Friday

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Eva Unit 00 cosplay by - hensocks
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Eva Unit 01 cosplay by - rooster-king
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Eva Unit 02 cosplay by - savedchicken
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari cosplay by - elvenarcher (me)
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Kaworu Nagisa cosplay by - gravitiger
Photo by - nothaljordan

One of my favorite pictures in this cosplay by far. You Eva unit cosplayers were so awesome and looked amazing! Let me know who you are so I can credit you!

Go check out thecoopcosplay!

This was totally the highlight of the day! :D 

Hey cuties! Thanks for taking a pic with us!! Your costumes were ace and you were super nice!!

it’s hard to find your pack when you don’t know how to howl

SACANIME is tomorrow but for tonight safeway will have to do i guess…..



Eva Units 00 and 01 are all shined up an ready for SacAnime 2014! Be there or be a geometric angel.


We will all be going to SACANIME this weekend!

Which is the first con we’re going to that wasn’t AX…. so thats pretty cool! I don’t know yet where in the con we will be hanging about and when we will be in cosplay but If you are going leave a comment on this post so we can recognize you! Or yknow just shout out our names if you see us. c:

Hope to see you there! -SC


AW Spiceycosplay you guys are so sweet and wonderful! it was great eating your red vines and attacking your camera.


Awesome photo of my EVA 01 cosplay! 

Many thanks to the Photographer: somakun

(via brekkscosplayinspiration)



New video! Anime Expo was my first convention and it’s been bittersweet watching it grow and change over the past 6 years. This was my first year filming in this style for a cosplay VFX video and it’s crazy how differently I have to approach each convention when it comes to hallway shots, private shoots, etc. 

; 0; Yay!!!! We made it into another cosplay video by Thegriffincam! !! We also see some people we know (
)! Don’t forget to share the video so other cosplayers can find themselves too. Thanks guys!

Yay!!! Thank you so much thegriffincam (and SPiCEY for hookin us up c:) this looks really cool! (We come in at 1:45)

A really nice interview of us by GeekWorldRadio! We come in at 7:40 and I talk a little bit about what we made them out of.  


Close ups of our evas. Photo credit goes to Brandon Postal on flickr.

We were featured in this awesome video at 1:47! the filming is really cool it makes us look about ten stories tall. Thanks ChillyWillyTube!