New video! Anime Expo was my first convention and it’s been bittersweet watching it grow and change over the past 6 years. This was my first year filming in this style for a cosplay VFX video and it’s crazy how differently I have to approach each convention when it comes to hallway shots, private shoots, etc. 

; 0; Yay!!!! We made it into another cosplay video by Thegriffincam! !! We also see some people we know (
)! Don’t forget to share the video so other cosplayers can find themselves too. Thanks guys!

Yay!!! Thank you so much thegriffincam (and SPiCEY for hookin us up c:) this looks really cool! (We come in at 1:45)

A really nice interview of us by GeekWorldRadio! We come in at 7:40 and I talk a little bit about what we made them out of.  


Close ups of our evas. Photo credit goes to Brandon Postal on flickr.

We were featured in this awesome video at 1:47! the filming is really cool it makes us look about ten stories tall. Thanks ChillyWillyTube!


Heres some quality out of cosplay pictures of the creatures behind TheCoop because thats where we REALLY shine. Chalk graffiti for life.


From Eva 01 to Eva 13, the whole gang be here!

You were awesome! So glad to meet a fellow eva!!!


EVA Unit-01 and Superboy - Anime Expo 2014

Little Kal-El will make many powerful friends on his new home planet.

Cosplayer: rooster-king

#Evangelion  #nge  



It was really fun under all those TV screens!

Thanks for the video!!


EVA Unit-01, EVA Unit-00, and Eva Unit-02 - Anime Expo 2014

Making AX a place where Angels fear to tread.

Cosplayers: The Coop Cosplay

rooster-king as Unit 01, hensocks as Unit 00, and savedchicken as Unit 02 Thanks to the Photographer for this awesome pic !!

UNIT 00 still as malfunctional as ever.

WELL AX day 2 is over for us but we all had a great sweaty time and people thought we were cool lookin!


WELL day 1’s over and we pretty much spent the day in the ticket line and then dealers hall. (Im sunburnt and sore but I met rad-bird and perclosive-hare and someone else and it was very cool)

Were all SO PUMPED TO COSPLAY tomorrow WOO

Lovely photos by roosterking


YEA everyday! Its the only cosplays we brought this year so you’ll definately see us about. 



WERE DONE! These pictures arent anything special but hopefully we will have some pretty ones to post soon.
See ya at AX!

ginacider-syo asked: what day are you guys wearing your eva cosplays to AX!? I'm being Rei in her plugsuit on saturday, your evas look so great and i'd love a picture with 00 ahhhhhhhhh!!!

We are going as evas all four days and will be hanging out in the main hall most of the time.